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Robert Kowalski agreed to be a keynote speaker

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Robert Kowalski agreed to be a keynote speaker

We are very excited that Professor Robert Kowalski agreed to be a keynote speaker at the ReMeP 2019 Legal Informatics Conference in Vienna, Austria. Professor Kowalski is a well-known logician and computer scientist, Professor Emeritus and Distinguished Research Fellow at Imperial College London.

One of the fathers of logic programming

Professor Robert Kowalski can certainly be called one of the fathers of logic programming. A search for the one truth sparked his interest in logic early in his life. First, he learned about both philosophical logic and mathematical logic. Then his life took him to the computer science department in Edinburgh where he got his PhD for his work on automated deduction.

In 1972, he influenced the design and implementation of the logic programming language Prolog. Thus he contributed to the birth of logic programming.

At ReMeP 2019, Professor Kowalski will speak about how the language of law might be regarded as intermediate between ordinary natural language and the computer languages of the future.

His looks back on more than 50 years of experience in the field of logic. He studied at the Universities of Chicago, Bridgeport, Warsaw, Edinburgh and in Stanford. In 1975, he joined Imperial College London. He became Professor of Computational Logic in 1983 and Professor Emeritus in 1999.

Professor Kowalski is a Fellow of the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence, the European Co-ordinating Committee for Artificial Intelligence, and the Association for Computing Machinery. He received the IJCAI (International Joint Conference of Artificial Intelligence) award for Research Excellence in 2011. He was also awarded the Japanese Society for the Promotion of Science Award for Eminent Scientists for 2012-2014.