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FinTech: Law and Regulation – Book Presentation

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FinTech: Law and Regulation – Book Presentation

Jelena Madir, Chief Counsel at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) will present a brand-new book on FinTech at ReMeP 2019. The book is entitled FinTech: Law and Regulation and will only be published in mid-September 2019.

About the book

Jelena Madir has recently finished editing the book FinTech: Law and Regulation. It is going to be published in the Elgar Financial Law and Practice series in mid-September 2019. At the ReMeP 2019 conference, you can get a first glimpse of the book. The publication above all deals with the challenges for regulators posed by the rapid developments in the FinTech area.

It includes contributions from more than 30 FinTech experts from ten different countries. Topics range from cryptoassets, the blockchain and smart contracts to funding platforms and much more. The book also discusses the challenges of patenting FinTech inventions and regulating robo-advisors. It takes a practical view of the questions. Thus, it promises to become a valuable guide for everyone working on or interested in these matters.

About the author

At the EBRD, Jelena Madir runs FinTech consultancy projects for the governments in EBRD’s regions. Topics include the regulation of crowdfunding platforms, the use of blockchain-based smart contracts and digitalisation of payments. She also teaches graduate courses on financing at the University of London and the University College London.

Before joining EBRD, Jelena worked as an attorney at several international law firms.

She is Advisory Board Member of the European Blockchain Hub. She also regularly publishes and lectures on various aspects of digitalisation, including TechLaw, blockchain projects and smart contracts.