ReMeP mission

In 2018, we created a platform where science and practice converge in order to develop innovations and solutions for present-day challenges. We facilitate the exchange between scientists, practitioners and experts from different business sectors as well as support the implementation of research-based findings into real-life applications. By cooperating and sharing knowledge and experience, we contribute to the improvement of society and the environment.

Our topic areas include innovative aspects in the field of business organisation, especially in the areas of business organisation, financing, law, digitalisation and emerging technologies. We focus particularly on enhancing efficiency and quality improvements while maintaining high ethical standards.

ReMeP objectives

Our objective is to expand our community of more than 100 scientists and roughly 1,000 practitioners by promoting an ongoing exchange through scientific events such as conferences, seminars, and workshops that are geared towards practical needs, thus providing scientists in particular with the opportunity to present new research findings and projects on the one hand and to provide them with feedback from practitioners on the other. Practitioners, in turn, are given the opportunity to exchange ideas with scientists, to learn about the latest innovative developments and to directly contribute their practical input to ongoing research.

ReMeP target audiences

Researchers and academics interested in connecting with practitioners and exchanging ideas across sectors.

Practitioners especially from companies and public management who are looking for continuous improvement and who want to offer the best possible quality to their clients, those who claim cutting-edge leadership, as well as consulting firms who want to provide successful, state-of-the-art advice. We are particularly interested in young (prospective) academics and students, who are admitted free of charge to all our events.

Upcoming events:

Workshop: ChatGTP als Prototyp einer natürlich-sprachlichen juristischen Suchmaschine?

„Das Potential von ChatGPT für das Recht“
Dr. Bernhard Waltl, Liquid Legal Institute, München

Referent:innen Podiumsdiskussion:
“ChatGPT – die juristische Suche der Zukunft”
Prof. Erich Schweighofer, IRI§ Programmleitung – Universität Wien
„ChatGPT aus der Sicht eines Verlags“
Dr. Wolfgang Pichler, Manz Verlag, Wien
„ChatGPT aus der Sicht eines Verlags“
Dr. Anton Geist, LexisNexis, Wien
“ChatGPT aus der Sicht der EU”
Dr. Pascale Berteloot, Universität Trier
„ChatGPT aus der Sicht eines Suchmaschinenanbieters“
Dr. Blaise Dévaud, Weblaw, Bern
 „ChatGPT – Was bedeutet dies für die Suchstrategien der Zukunft?“
DI Christian Sageder, Cybly GmbH, Wien/ Salzburg
„ChatGPT und die Rechtsanwaltschaft“
Mag. Katharina Bisset, MSc, Mitglied des Arbeitskreis IT und Digitalisieurng des ÖRAK
starts 4pmSalzburg and virtual
1. ReMeP Kongress UnternehmenssanierungPlease go to the event’s website for more information.
starts 1pmVienna and virtual