Tuchlauben 8, 1010 Vienna, Austria

ReMeP 2020 - Research Meets Practice

Legal Informatics Conference in Vienna, Austria
four half-days: 8, 9, 16 and 23 June 2020

ReMeP 2020 goes virtual

This year’s conference will be virtual, blame the Coronavirus …

But our team is working hard to ensure that ReMeP 2020 will still be an amazing experience for all those who join.

The program is divided into 4 half-days of five hours: The main stage program – keynotes and panel discussions – will take place on 8 and 9 June 2020, 3-8pm. On 16 and 23 June 2020, 3-8pm we will have workshops to present innovative legal tech solution. More details to follow in the next days.


The conference brings together
research and practice

ReMeP 2020 is built upon a new concept: connect researchers who wish to present their projects with practitioners and businesses looking for legal informatics solutions. There is ample time to explore a number of interesting and promising research projects in depth, to give feedback and to lay the groundwork for future cooperations. 

More about the mission

Four afternoons full of talks, panels, chats, workshops and presentations!

While the conference is “only” virtual this year, the programme leaves nothing to be desired! We have amazing speakers who are at the top of their fields. And we have a selection of very interesting new tools and research work that can be explored in our workshops and live presentations.

Current state of legal tech

As a whole, the conference will focus on the current state of legal tech and give you a glimpse on what’s going on in legal informatics around the world. This year, particular emphasis will be placed on the following topics.


What can or should training look like both in the development and the use of legal tech applications.


How can legal tech applications successfully and permanently be integrated into operations processes.


It’s all about data – mining data, structuring data and managing data with legal tech applications.


Standardisation will play an essential role in making legal tech applications efficient and productive.

Conference Chair and Programme Committee

Stefan Eder

Conference Chair

Stefan Eder has an education and practical experience in both law and informatics. Stefan has a long career as a partner in a large international firm and is a founding partner of Benn-Ibler.

In recent years he focuses more on his legal informatics interests. He is teaching legal informatics as well as working on new applications, advising on cyber security issues and helping to develop strategies for and support the implementation of legal digitalisation projects.

Prof. Erich Schweighofer

Chair of Programme Committee

Erich Schweighofer is Professor of Legal Informatics, International Law and European Law and head of the Centre for Computers and Law at the University of Vienna. He leads the Centre for Computers and Law – one of the top – 10 research groups in Legal Informatics worldwide.

Erich Schweighofer is an international expert in legal informatics and internet governance. He has been involved in many research projects, above all, text analysis, data protection, surveillance technologies and IT security.
He is also one of the main organiser of IRIS – a Legal Informatics symposium – and is also active at OCG, GI, CEPIS, IAAIL, FALM and ICANN, where he is now a member of the EURALO board and theCCWG Accountability.


Here’s what some legal informatics experts said about ReMeP 2019:

ReMeP 2019 is extremely helpful for the community to both connect and cooperate on a global level in order to develop legal informatic services.

Franz Kummer

Weblaw AG

I have always been fascinated by knowledge representation and semantic networks. No doubt, they are highly relevant in legal applications. And ensuring security for these applications is equally important. I am sure, we’ll hear a lot about that at ReMeP 2019.

Professor A Min Tjoa

Vienna University of Technology

ReMeP 2019 will foster the international business ecosystem of legal informatics services by connecting key stakeholders and stimulating innovative ways for future collaborations.

Professor Florian Matthes

Technical University Munich

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